Outdoor Education at the College

Al Sadiq College will arrange for opportunities for students to participate in a programme of Outdoor Education gradually extending the time away from home and also the variety of activities offered.

Some of the aims of the experiences are:

  • To develop the social and emotional skills of being away from home.
  • To develop children’s independence, self-awareness and responsibility.
  • To develop the student’s ability to work co-operatively.
  • To broaden children’s concept and experience of different environments.
  • To develop an awareness of and pride in the natural environment.
  • To develop an awareness that the environment is a place for living and recreation.
  • To develop skills and competence in various activities associated with outdoor education.
  • To provide direct experience for the implementation of relevant academic programmes such as pre and post camp activities.

 Year 7 Outdoor experience:

Currently Year 7 attend Yarrumundi YMCA camp site each year in the early weeks of Term1.

Their programme involves some academic study periods, socalisation and a combination of a ropes course, initiative course, outdoor games and swimming(pool).

Students are generally away for 3 days/2 nights.

Al Sadiq College staff attend but most activities in the day time are run by YMCA trained Outdoor Educators.

It is envisaged that further opportunities will be made available to other grades and, in particular, senior students in coming years.

Glimpses of the Year 7 2011 experiences can be viewed below.