About us

A growing independent, co-educational Muslim College based in the Muslim Alawite tradition with enrolments from K – 12. In 2016 the enrolments are expected to expand to 630 students with its fourth HSC graduating class.

The school curriculum meets all NSW Board of Studies requirements with additional studies in Islam, Arabic and the Holy Quran to enhance the moral, spiritual and intellectual abilities of our students. All students are encouraged to work to their potential with both academic extension and learning support being provided.

Kindergarten to Year 3 are presently situated at the Junior Campus in Yagoona; Years 4 - 10 (Middle School) and the Years 11 – 12 (Senior School) are situated at the Campus in Greenacre. The College aims to involve families and the local community in the education of our children within an Australian context; to help students to develop a sense of their own cultural heritage while at the same time fostering an understanding and respect for other cultures and religions.

Our dedicated staff is passionate and skilled in developing and nurturing our students’ potential. The College motto “Faith Knowledge Purity” underlies the caring environment where both academic achievement and Muslim Alawite values and ethics are fostered



Al Sadiq College Yagoona
primary citizenship ceremony
The Al Sadiq College was established in 2002