House system

There are four Houses at Al Sadiq College. Each house is named after contemporary Australian sporting heroes.

Ian Thorpe (GREEN):
Thorpe - International swimmer. Ian was educated in the local area and began his swimming career at Easthills. He went on to both NSW and Australian victories in the pool. At the International level he became the Greatest record holder in the History of the swimming records. His greatest achievement was his 5 Gold medals including the breaking of many World and National records.
Steve Waugh (YELLOW):
Waugh - International Cricketer who grew up in the Local area representing East Hills Boys High School, Bankstown, NSW and Australia. Steve is an all round cricketer with records in Batting, Bowling and Fielding. His twin brother was also an International Cricketer in the same teams. His greatest acheivement was becoming Captain of the Australian Cricket team and leading his players to many victories around the world.
Susie O’Neill (RED):
O’Neill - One of Australia’s most successful swimmers ever, Susie O’Neill held a record 35 Australian titles, eight Olympic medals and a string of victories at International levels. She was known as “Madam Butterfly” due to her victories in Butterfly and her wonderful leadership of the Australian Swimming team.
Cathy Freeman (BLUE):
Freeman - International Track Athlete . The first Aboriginal person to win a Gold Commonwealth Games medal. Cathy went on to be both a World and Olympic Gold medalist with her most famous victory in the Sydney Olympics 400 metres.