Bus service

Al Sadiq College offers a bus service for all students who apply. As seats are limited, positions are processed in order of application.

The school has seven buses in operation and cover a wide area from each campus.

A request form is available below.


1 CHILD $50.00/week
2 CHILDREN $75.00/week
3 CHILDREN $100.00/week
4 CHILDREN $120.00/week

Previously known as GUILDFORD BUS

1 CHILD $30.00/week
2 CHILDREN $50.00/week
3 CHILDREN $60.00/week
4 CHILDREN $80.00/week

Please note the following changes to the Bus Service:
- All fees are expected to be paid in advance for the bus service
- If no payment is made by the end of the first week of every term, your child/children will not be picked as of the start of the week 2 of every term.
- Bus fees will now be showing on your account
- It is no longer a requirement that bus fees are to be paid in cash, any other preferred available payment method can be used
(Direct transfer to the College’s account is the most preferred payment method).





Bus PDF Form