Establishment of Al Sadiq

The Muslim Alawite Society was established in 1969. In March 2000 a new, young and enthusiastic board was elected to the management of the Muslim Alalwite Society. Their aim was to fulfil the Muslim Alawite community’s dream of establishing the world’s first ever Muslim Alawite private school.

Al Sadiq grew to include Kindergarten to Year 12 on two campuses: Greenacre and Yagoona. It is a Muslim College based in the Muslim Alawite tradition. The College is governed by a School Management Board. Our High School and the Primary School are administered by an Executive Principal, and are located on separate sites.

The College is registered with the NSW Board of Studies and follows its curriculum in all Key Learning Areas.

The College is a member of the NSW Association of Independent Schools. It is also a member of the Junior Heads of Independent Schools Association.

All students at Al Sadiq study Arabic and there is provision for additional studies in Islam, Arabic and the Holy Quran.