“The vision for the school is to create a learning environment where all students experience success.” (Al Sadiq College Mission statement extract)


Al Sadiq College works towards training students in Leadership skills and encourages each student to serve both the school and its community. Not all will be given the opportunity to lead in elected School officer positions but all are encouraged to strive for excellence in all they do within and for the College. Those who are elected to school office will represent their peers with honour and service to the College.

Students at both campuses are given the opportunity to be elected as school leaders in various levels.


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Our Current positions of leadership are:

Yagoona Campus

School Captains:

A boy and  a girl are elected after self nomination after giving a speech at the Year 2 - 3 assembly. Students vote from Years 2 and 3.

School Captains support communication throughout the school and are the representative when called. They officiate at the assemblies and arrange for awards.

House Captains and House Vice Captains:

A boy and girl,  after self nomination for each of  these roles, present speeches at House Meetings. They are then voted on in each house.

All students are selected by popular vote by students only.

A ceremony is held at school assembly where badges are presented with the elected school officer's parents present.

All officers sit at the front of the assemblies and in most cases have a role.

SRC (Student Representative Council) :

This is an additional opportunity for leadership throughout the Campus. A Student is nominated by each class teacher and are led by the School Captains and House captains under the supervision of a nominated Teacher.

primary citizenship ceremony


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The following positions are currently in place at Greenacre Campus are:

Greenacre Campus

School Captains:

A Male and Female student following self nomination, a speech and voting are elected to these positions.

Vice Captains: 

A male and female student after nomination, a speech and voting are elected to these positions.

Year Prefects:

Students nominate and are voted into these positions. Up to two per year group are elected.

All positions are determined by student voting.

Captains and Prefects, as School Officers at the Greenacre Campus, will have the following responsibilities:

Represent the College with Pride, Respect and Honour

Work with teachers during assemblies to present awards

Make speeches and presentations during special events

Assist during sports carnivals and orientation days

They will form part of the SRC.

A Ceremony is held to award badges to these School Officers in Term 1 of each year.

SRC (Student Representative Council):

It is envisaged that all school officers will have a role in this leadership role . As the College continues to grow other positions on the SRC will became available.

Other opportunities for leadership are available through Library monitors and Classrooms and Sports teams.


leaders induction with naz and joanne