Frequently asked questions and answers

Below are some regularly asked questions and answers. Most areas have been included in our Website which we hope you enjoy…… From the Webmaster.

Who can enrol?

The Board of the College’s aim was to fulfil the Muslim Alawite community’s dream of establishing the world’s first ever Muslim Alawite Independent College for the education of Muslim Alawite students.


How old is the school?

The school commenced in the Yagoona Campus with Kindergarten in 2003


 What are the future plans for the College?

After the successful development of the Yagoona campus for Kindergarten to Year 3, the second campus at Greenacre has allowed the College to expand to accommodate Year 4 to Year 12 in 2016. The College is currently undergoing plans to further build the Primary section on the Greenacre campus. The community is excited and in great anticipation of this building.


Is it co-educational?

The Board of the College chose to have a co-educational experience to allow for families to have all their children in the one school. It was felt that co-education was the most natural approach to education.


Will my child be taught Arabic and Religion?

Yes. This would be seen by the Board and the community as a major positive of being enrolled at Al Sadiq. Trained teachers and members of the community ensure that the content and teaching equips students for their life in the Australian Community, whilst also celebrating their heritage and language.


Are fees charged?

Yes. The fee structure is available on this website. The Board has established a scope of fees which allows families to afford this quality education. It reflects great value for the investment in a child’s education.


Where is it located?

The College has two campuses in close proximity. Yagoona for Kindergarten to Year 3 and Greenacre for Year 4 to Year 12. To help families, a set of buses pick students up from various points around Sydney. They also arrange commuting for siblings between campuses at no cost. Maps, bus arrangements, etc are in this website.


Do students wear a uniform?

The College and its students are very proud of their uniform as seen throughout this website. There is a winter and summer uniform which is available for purchase within the school uniform shops. The price list (available on this site) shows good value due to overheads being kept low by careful purchasing on behalf of families.


Is there a sport programme?

The College is most fortunate to have the expertise of both our own staff and visiting profession coaches to train students and develop our sports programme. Many internal competitions are held in Years 2 and 3 while teams from Greenacre compete in local and Independent School competitions in a variety of sports.


Are there additional activities for students?

This area continues to develop as the College grows. Areas such as sports, choir and chess are being added to regularly.


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