Learning Support


We are pleased to inform you that all students at Al Sadiq College will have the opportunity to have a variety of testing.   This testing will be during school hours to provide parents and staff with a comprehensive examination of each child’s individual learning needs. This will be done by appointment only and arranged through the Learning Support Department.  Each attendee will receive an individual report regarding the results of the test whether it be a speech and language, or a range of cognitive ability tests or a reading test.  

The program’s aim is to detect any problems that may interfere with your child’s learning abilities and subsequently hinder their academic potential.  Therefore, reports may contain recommendations and follow up procedures for parents and students.  The follow up is often initially free as it is covered by Medicare Australia.

Letters will be sent out with the reports informing parents how to access the follow up care.  When you return the paperwork please make them to the attention of the Learning Support Department.


Reading has always been a big part of my life. From the moment I was able I would escape into the world that the author created for me. Books offered friendship, adventure, and escape.  As an avid reader myself, I embrace the important role of being an explicit teacher of reading because reading is a necessary life skill, it is the epicentre of learning.

The College offers several intervention programs that follow the Multi-Lit or the Cars and Stars approach, your child may be invited to participate in.  At Yagoona the Mini-Lit program is run by our Learning Support Teacher, and the whole school have embedded the on-line Reading Eggs program. At Greenacre we run both The Reading Tutor and the Extension Word Attack Skills programs.  Embedded into our English programs, we have also recently implemented the teacher of Cars and Stars and are about to implement another on-line program, Literacy Planet. 

MULTILIT, or ‘Making Up Lost Time in Literacy’, is a research-based initiative of Macquarie University, which aims to assist students who are reading at levels below what might be expected for their age.  It is an intensive, one-to- one program of instruction in basic reading skills. The students participate in one on one sessions several times per week. Each child’s progress is constantly monitored to ensure that they are receiving the most from the program.

Cars and Stars is a Comprehensive Assessment of Reading Strategies which is then followed by the explicit teaching of twelve strategies to Achieve Reading Success.  This program allows teachers to explicit teach reading strategies and allows students to practice these core reading skills and thinking processes.

These short bursts of explicit teaching focus on “back to basics” reading and development of reading strategies and skills will result in the students having enhanced reading skills to better access the school curriculum and challenges of the outside world. 

As we are aware, competent readers have a broader general knowledge, extensive vocabulary and often cope with the demands of school life better. Furthermore, they often develop a lifelong passion of reading for pleasure.

We also know that as parents and carers, fostering a love of reading is supported in the home.   The addition of reading time with your child is very important time to connect and share in an area of interest whether it be astronomy, reptiles, skateboarding or politics, or even just share a story, but most importantly books offer inspiration.  Thank you to all the lovely parents who continue to give up their time to listen to students read.



Parents and teachers need to work together as a team to help our students reach their full potential.

School can be a daunting place for parents.  However, if you need some specific help with any of the issues below, please contact us and we can help you help your child achieve their personal best.   If you feel that school is a:

  • Struggle for your child, they need some help with their learning, to feel more confident and happy about school?
  • Does your child feel anxious when they think about school? Sadly, school triggers social and emotional problems because learning is difficult.
  • Do you want to know how you can help your student with things like time management, organisation, focus, motivation and how to study and learn?


Rather than these fears and frustrations overtaking your life and your child’s life, it would be wonderful if school was a fun, safe place that created excited learners. Instead, we can work together to make school:

  • A safe, fun place where learning is new and exciting.
  • A place that celebrates growth and improvement as success.
  • A place that connects and builds community between teachers, students and parents.


So what can you do?

If your child has a medical condition, a fear or worry, if something is happening which may impact on their schooling, please contact Mrs Sarah Price to access the help and support the College would like to offer for your child.


Inform the school if your child has been assessed by an external provider. Eg. Psychologist, speech pathologist, educational psychologist, paediatrician or any other specialist.  Please provide us with any information you may think will assist us in helping your child reach their full potential eg. Medical records, hearing and vision test results, changes in home life eg. birth of a sibling, relatives from overseas arriving to stay with you. 

You can communicate to classroom teachers and learning support teachers by leaving a note in your child’s diary, by writing a letter and sending it with your child in a sealed envelope, by calling the school and by requesting a meeting.

We look forward to working with you.

Mrs Sarah Price

On behalf of the K-12 Learning Support Team