Career Advice & Services

As the College moves towards its fourth HSC in 2016, it is time to consider the preparation of students for their next phase in their education and transition to both the workplace and higher education.

To facilitate this, a program called Careers Learning pathways has been designed to facilitate information, advice, screening work experience placement, ultimately Work placement and transition to tertiary study. This will include direction and advice to students and parents on subject choice in the senior years at the college.

There is a need for some flexibility on both the College’s and staff’s behalf as we develop this exciting programme.

Students will experience:

  1. Some basic screening for future possibilities in careers
  2. Portfolios including resumes etc
  3. Skills in applications, completion of forms, letter writing, grooming and manners
  4. Interview preparation
  5. Visiting workplace speakers and experiences
  6. Possible seminars at the College
  7. Visits to Expos and open days at Tertiary and TAFE institutions

This College website will be an ideal resource for students as we move towards the HSC.