P&F Parents


The P & F is a not-for-profit organisation that is run by volunteering parents. Our organisation has been running successfully over the last 5 years. Parents, Family and Friends of Al Sadiq College have put their heart, soul, time and dedication into raising funds to support the College with its needs, together with building the profile of a successful, friendly organisation.

Every year parents vote in a President, Secretary and Treasurer. Once the team is elected the committee and its members put together a fundraiser, events and meeting date’s calendar for the year. The P & F meets once a month to discuss the progress of upcoming events and to touch basis with parents to keep them informed of such events.

Our success over the years has allowed us to raise thousands of dollars. The P & F have raised funds by selling fundraiser chocolates, holding Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day stalls, treat days, raffles, Mothers day Dinners, Eid Festivals etc. Once funds have been raised the P & F then donate back to the school by way of purchasing items listed on a “Wish List”. The “Wish List” is put together by the Principal and Teachers of Al Sadiq College.

Over the years the P & F have purchased Promethean Whiteboards, Play Equipment at the Yagoona Campus, computers, TV’s, books for the classroom and Library, sporting equipment, play equipment etc.

However, the one fundamental key in keeping a successful P & F is the support and help of our parents, family and friends and relaying to them that the children of Al Sadiq College deserve a great future and with our help we are able to help these children reach their goals.


Samar Ibrahim

President – P & F