Pastoral Care and Welfare at Al Sadiq


“Al Sadiq College aims to provide students with a high quality education in an enriching, encouraging, rewarding and stimulating environment.”

(……College Mission Statement Extract)



As expressed in our  College Mission Statement, all students are valued at Al Sadiq College and  are encouraged by the environment established by the Board, Executive, Staff and Parents within the college community.


Classroom teachers, assisted by support staff, maintain Welfare , Pastoral Care and Discipline within classrooms. The personal care and encouraging environment in the classroom is supportive and well recognised within the wider community.

primary classroom


Each student belongs to a Home Room where the day starts for roll marking, check on diaries and also an opportunity for the Home Room Teacher to take a pastoral role, wherever possible.

A number of additional staff assist as part of the Learning Support team across the college to give additional assistance with individual students.

Should a student require special assistance for either learning or emotional reasons further professional help it is determined by the Learning support team. (Refer to the Learning support area of this website)

The Wider Community

The Al Sadiq Community through the Muslim Alawite faith are a highly supportive and caring community. When families are in need of support , particularly as parents of students, they find  by alerting either the school reception or the leaders within the faith that they are well supported and encouraged.