Al Sadiq Newsletter Issue 13/2010


Boosting children’s confidence

As children develop, the way they feel about themselves is important. Par-ents and teachers can, and should, boost children’s confidence. If a child feels good about themselves then their behaviour will also be good. Confi-dent children are more willing to try new things (regardless of how hard it is), and they will value and respect themselves and others. Praising chil-dren is one way of boosting a child’s confidence, and this is known to have a more meaningful impact on them than rewarding a child with gifts or treats. Whilst praise is important it does not mean that poor behaviour should go unnoticed or unchecked. You certainly need to let children know that misbehaving is not OK. If children misbehave, remember to tell them it’s their behaviour you don’t like – not them. 


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