Al Sadiq Newsletter Issue 10/2010



The recent weather has had an impact on the running of the two campuses but again I must commend both the teachers and the students on their resilience and willingness to simply ‘get on’ with things.

It has been particularly difficult at the Greenacre campus of late with heavy rain and mud causing some uncomfortable conditions. I have been reminding myself that the ‘short term pain’ will be justified by the ‘long term gain’ as the new building becomes a reality at that site. It is exciting to see the next level of the building emerge and I am considering providing an opportunity for parents to come and view the progress to date. Whilst an ‘opening’ is an exciting idea, it is early days yet, and a bit premature to do that.

I would welcome ideas from the community about a suitable event to bring the community together to check out the site. Of course, the weather is a major consideration for that and I will have to work closely with our Builders and Project Man ager to ensure that we comply with all safety requirements.


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