Al Sadiq Newsletter Issue 07/2010



For interviews of students in Years 7 – 9, I strongly encourage parents to include their son or daughter in the interviews.  Students are taking more and more responsibility for their own learning in secondary school and it is important that they hear the feedback as well.  That way there can be open discussion which is transparent, and which ensures that both the parent and the student hears the feed back, thus avoiding the He said/She said‖ debate that sometimes causes friction at home.  Parents may choose to bring a notebook with them to take notes during the discussion that can be referred to back at home.


Students have had recent reminders about College expectations and particularly regarding the correct wearing of uniform and grooming.  The rules regarding this are outlined in the College Diary and parents may refer to this and assist the school by ensuring that their son or daughter complies with these.

The warnings to students have been made very clear, and flagrant breaches of expectations may result

in students being sent home until they are able to present themselves according to the College regulations.


The College Diary is an important communication tool between school and home, as well as serving as an organisational tool for students to develop independence and good practices in their routines for school.  Parents are reminded that they are required to sign the diary each week, thus demonstrating to us that they too are

monitoring what is taking place in relation to their child‘s schooling.  Important communication takes place in the Diary and so I ask that parents do check this, and sign it.



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