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Annual Report 2015




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Welcome to Al Sadiq College, a Muslim College based in the Muslim Alawite tradition, with the exciting vision to create a learning environment where all students can experience success. 

I am privileged to be part of an educational setting which is enriching, encouraging and rewarding for the whole community.

A valued and significant opportunity for every student is that of the delivery of the Arabic language, as well as additional studies in Islam, Arabic and the Holy Quran, to enhance the moral, spiritual, physical and intellectual abilities of our students. Central to our values are respect, integrity, passion, humility and honesty.

The Al Sadiq College’s educational provision includes an exciting extra-curricular programme commencing from Kindergarten and spanning through to the High School. Our students are afforded opportunities for leadership and decision making, and independent learning is fostered as our students develop. Coupled with this is the expected pursuit of academic excellence and knowledge and thus Al Sadiq College offers a broad curriculum which allows for the individual talents and aspirations of its students.

Al Sadiq is a two–campus College with Years K – 3 currently at the Yagoona Campus, immediately adjacent to Yagoona railway station where parking and access is very easy for both staff and parents. The Greenacre Campus on Waterloo Road caters for students from Year 4 to Year 12. There are wonderful benefits for educational continuity across all Stages of the educational and developmental journey for our students, and the transition from campus to campus, as well as into Years 7 and 11, are an important focus at Al Sadiq College, and well supported by our staff.

Al Sadiq enjoys its strong links to families and the Muslim Alawite community and I invite you to explore our College through this website and to contact us if you would like further information. We can arrange tours of each campus and are always happy to respond to any questions about Al Sadiq College.


 Syrian Actors picture

We welcomed the Syrian Actors at a special Assembly followed by an intimate morning tea in the foyer with Special Guests, Staff and Board Members.